Lodging for your Tlaquepaque event at El Portal Sedona Saturday, May 10 2014 

The El Portal Sedona Hotel is a perfect pairing for your Tlaquepaque wedding or reception.  Located right next to Tlaquepaque, you can take a short walk from your wedding or reception back to your room!

The luxury boutique hotel is a truly special place.  The property features a romantic central courtyard with a dramatic backdrop of Sedona’ majestic red rocks.  The inn also features a spacious great room.   The twelve room boutique hotel was designed and built with painstaking attention to detail!

You can even bring your pet(s)!  – El Portal is a pet friendly hotel. They welcome four-legged guests as warmly as they welcome you and there is never a fee for pets. El Portal has a special pet treat basket that includes a blanket, doggie bags and treats.  Several of their rooms also have outdoor fenced pet patios.

Why stay at an ordinary hotel when you can stay at El Portal, Sedona Arizona’s luxury inn right next to Tlaquepaque!

Call 800-313-0017 or e-mail info@elportalsedona.com for more information.

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10 Fresh Color Combinations for Summer Wedding Decor Friday, Apr 25 2014 

Summer is a great season for bright wedding décor.

Kristine Foley/Botanica/Getty Images

10 Fresh Color Combinations for Summer Wedding Decor

Now that you’re engaged, a lot of conversations you have will go like this: “You’re engaged! How did he propose? When’s the wedding? What are your colors?”

Your colors are one of the more important aspects of how you plan your whole wedding day. From dresses to flowers, from linens to place cards, the colors you choose will set the tone for the entire event. The minute a guest receives her save-the-date invite to the thank yous sent after the wedding, your colors will set the mood. Choose the right color, and you’ll have a fabulous-looking wedding — choose something a shade off, and you might have some angry bridesmaids on your hands saying, “I can’t believe she’s making us wear puce!”

No pressure to choose a good color, right? Luckily, summer is an easy season for colors. Pretty much any color looks fantastic at a summer wedding (except maybe puce). On one hand, that’s great; but it can also make your decision even tougher. Let’s take a look at 10 of the freshest color combinations to hit the wedding aisle.

Use outdoor greenery to your advantage with pink.

Stockbyte/Getty Images

10: Pink and Green

Don’t let your fiancé think that pink is just a girly color. The great thing about pink and green together is that they can be fun and flirty, soothing or elegantly rich. It all depends on which shades you choose.

A bright pink and lime green combination is perfect for a summer afternoon outdoor affair with a preppy beat. Outdoor weddings can also play up any lush greenery at the venue. Hang pink lanterns from green arches, weave lights on bushes. Work Mother Nature into your design and color scheme.

However, if your wedding reception is in a banquet hall that’s heavy on darker colors, fuchsia and lime might not be your best choice. That’s when a pale pink and forest green combination would look stunning.

Pink and yellow flowers can be great for an outdoor setting.

Martin Ruegner/Getty Images

9: Pink and Yellow

Pink is many a girl’s favorite color, but sometimes we arch an eyebrow at yellow. Why? A lot of women don’t have the proper skin tone to pull off a yellow dress. That’s where pink comes to the rescue. Outfit your bridesmaids in pale pink, and use yellow as the perfect accent color.

Pink and yellow can be a great combination at the dinner table as well. If you’re renting china, see if you can do pink and yellow place settings. Also try using colored linens — no one says the tablecloths and napkins have to be white.

Think about using the colors independently, like pink flowers on the place card table and yellow ribbons adorning the bar. They’ll still complement each other.

Silver can go with pink and gray, too.

Comstock Images/Getty Images

8: Light Gray and Pink

Gray is the new black. It’s even the new brown. Why are designers going gaga for it? It’s one of the most elegant colors around, and it’s putting a modern spin on the classic wedding. Use it for your summer wedding, and you’ll cool down a hot day.

One of the best things about gray is that it’s so versatile. It goes well with just about any color. When you have a popular color like gray, its versatility means your wedding doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. People go to a lot of weddings every year, and the last thing you want them to do is go to their fifth gray wedding of the season.

Pale pink and light gray is one of the best color combinations out there, because it looks really elegant and can go two ways. Gray can be the main color, with pink as an accent, or vice versa. Think of gray bridesmaid dresses with pink sashes, or pink dresses with gray sashes. Gray stationery with soft pink lettering — or you can choose the reverse. Use silver vases with soft pink roses as your centerpieces. Let your imagination go wild!

Blue and white can give you wedding that breezy summer feeling.

Buccina Studios/Getty Images

7: Blue and White

You’ve seen those buildings in the Greek islands, right? The white buildings with the blue roofs? Try that look for your summer wedding. Nothing says summer like the beach, and the color of the Mediterranean is perfect for a summertime wedding. Using a tropical shade of blue will give your wedding a calm, relaxed feeling, and pairing it with a crisp white can capture that cool, beachy feel. Let’s also mention that Pantone, the company that writes the book on color, has named turquoise as the 2010 color of the year, so you should be able to find great ways to use blue everywhere. It doesn’t hurt that most people look good in blue, so your bridal party will be happy to wear almost any shade of this color.

White can keep the blue from going overboard. Use white flowers, and add blue ribbons for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and flowers along the aisle. Look for blue vases to use as centerpieces on stark white tablecloths. Having your wedding outside? Create cozy, romantic cabanas with couches adorned with blue and white pillows, all covered with gauzy white fabric. String up white lights everywhere for a twilit touch.

Yellow can really make a vibrant blue stand out even more.

Lisa Hubbard/Botanica/Getty Images

6: Yellow and Blue

If you tell some bridesmaids that yellow and blue are your wedding colors, they might say, “If you think we’re wearing yellow dresses, you’re crazy!” Really, though, yellow and blue are an ideal combination, especially in the summer sun.

Here, it’s really important to think about the way you combine colors, and using one color as the main shade for your wedding, with an accent color complementing it, can change your wedding from “blah” to “wow.”

The yellow/blue combo is one of these “wow” combos. Blue dresses with yellow accents or flowers really make the blue pop. Yellow roses with blue ribbons along the aisle will complement the attire. This one’s pretty interchangeable — just take into account your bridesmaids. Not everyone looks good in yellow, and if your bridesmaids won’t, don’t force them to buy a yellow dress.

You don’t have to use red, white and black everywhere in your wedding. Small accents of red can make white and black stand out.

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

5: Red, Black and White

Black and white is a classic wedding color combo, because it’ll never go out of style. Add some red accents, and you’ll keep your wedding from being boring.

What’s black and white and red all over? Not your wedding. Don’t feel like you have to make every accessory in your wedding black, white and red. Use the red as pops of color here and there. Maybe put a red accent on your cake. Use red ribbons to make invitations stand out, or use them to hang flower arrangements from the ceiling or walls in a reception area.

You can also try red as an accent in your aisle runner. Some companies produce customized runners to match your colors. It’s a great way to include that particular accent. Put it where guests will least expect it, and they’ll remember your wedding for a long time.

The bright hues of coral really stand out against natural color shades.

Lisa Romerein/Botanica/Getty Images

4: Coral and Gray

Want a beachy wedding but blue isn’t your thing? Try coral and gray. You’ll bring the beauty of a tropical coral reef to your wedding. As we’ve mentioned, gray is one the hottest colors today, and one great color to pair with it is a bright shade like coral. These two colors work beautifully together — coral brightens up the entire party, but the gray won’t let you go overboard into a coral extravaganza.

Think about coral dresses with a gray sash, or have grey dresses with coral sashes and coral necklaces. If you’re dressing the men in gray suits, a coral boutonniere will liven them up. You could even play up the theme with coral centerpieces. Just don’t let your guests bring their scuba gear.

Coral also gives you an opportunity to make your color part of the entire wedding theme. Love the ocean? Opt for coral, and not only can you make a beautiful statement with color, but you can incorporate a cause as well. Instead of wedding favors, make a donation to a coral reef conservancy.

Yellow and orange are quintessential summer colors.

Juan Silva/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

3: Orange and Yellow

You’ll be walking on sunshine as you go down the aisle, so why not choose bright colors that are as radiant as you are? Orange and yellow are fabulous colors for a summer wedding. They’re bright and cheerful, and they won’t fade out in the summer sun.

One of the fun parts about orange and yellow is that you can do really unusual things to set your wedding apart. When life hands you lemons, make a table arrangement. Using citrus fruit as a centerpiece will not only have your guests talking, it’s another way to add a favor. Let your guests take home the fruit when the party’s over!

With orange and yellow, you can also interchange how they’re used. Try alternating orange and yellow in seat covers. DJs can also put orange and yellow gel filters on their spotlights to brighten up the dance floor.

Several shades of blue might suggest the ocean or a summer beach trip.

Evan Sklar/FoodPix/Getty Images

2: Several Shades of One Color

You don’t always need a color combo to make a beautiful wedding. If you have one favorite color, go for it. But there’s color, and then there’s overkill. In order to keep your wedding from being a spectacle of one color, pick a base color, and then accent it with shades of that color. This works particularly well with blues and greens. You can take a basic blue, and then play with sky blue, royal blue and even navy to create interesting accents.

Check out paint Web sites to see how shades of color work together — just think of your wedding as one big palette.

Neutral colors like beige will almost always work in a summer wedding.

Art Montes De Oca/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

1: Neutral Colors

What happens when your perfect ceremony site and reception hall don’t match? If the church has dark colors and your reception hall is decked out in pastels, you don’t have to pick one or the other to match. Choose neutrals! They go with everything, and they’ll ensure that neither venue’s décor will stand out in your guests’ minds.

Neutrals are also great for playing with textures. If you don’t want color to be the focus, use brocades or interesting fabrics to help bring some nuance to the table. Adorn an ivory brocade tablecloth with a square vase of white roses. Or you can put a complex flower like an orchid with a simple ecru, or beige, silk tablecloth.

Use white lights or candles to make everything shiny. Even the texture of your invitations, place cards and thank yous can make neutrals interesting.

Kathryn + Andrew Saturday, Apr 5 2014 

Andrew and Kathryn enjoyed a magical (and warm winter) wedding day here at Tlaquepaque in Sedona.  After a relaxing and romantic photo session together in Sedona’s red rocks, just the two of them shared a heartfelt, unforgettable, and memorable ceremony in our beautiful Chapel.  More after ceremony photos were taken throughout the grounds of Tlaquepaque.

Photos by Andrew Holman

Coordination by Ceremony of Love

Harp music by Oman Ken

Bride’s bouquet created by Bliss Extraordinary Floral

Videography by Leslie McCandless


Tlaquepaque Chapel Thursday, Feb 6 2014 

Planning on getting married?  It’s not too late to book an elopement in our intimate Tlaquepaque Chapel for this month!  If Tlaquepaque is an oasis in the midst of Sedona’s bustle, the Chapel is an oasis of serenity within Tlaquepaque. Styled as a private chapel, like those adjoining the far-flung haciendas of Old Mexico where a visiting friar or priest would offer services, the Chapel is the perfect place for a truly intimate wedding. Looking through the intricate, wrought iron gates it is easy to be transported into another day and time. The giant, antique doors are flung wide beneath the carved Spanish-style arched doorway of the non-denominational Chapel. The stained glass windows set high into authentic whitewashed adobe walls enhance the hand-carved wooden and leather pews, attractive tiled floor and a spectacular hand painted mural over the altar, all resonate with the loving care that built the chapel over 30 years ago. The Tlaquepaque Chapel was build by Abe Miller as a place of meditation and the chapel made our village complete.

While 30 people can be comfortably seated in pews, additional chairs can be set up in the back for a maximum seating capacity of 45. At the completion of each wedding ceremony the bells in the Tlaquepaque bell tower will ring in celebration and commemoration of your special day.  You can see a virtual tour of the inside of the Chapel by clicking here.  Call 928-282-4838 for more information or visit our weddings website by clicking here.


Join us at the Sedona Wedding Boot Camp! Tuesday, Jan 14 2014 

TLAQUEPAQUE ARTS AND CRAFTS VILLAGE will be at the 2014 Sedona Wedding Boot Camp and Bridal Show on January 18th at the Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa. Meet Adam and Wendy in person (booth #6). There is no other Sedona venue like Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. Gorgeous courtyards, splashing fountains, Spanish architecture, huge Sycamore trees, fabulous sculptures AND a quaint, old world Chapel make Tlaquepaque one of the most romantic wedding venues in Sedona. Experience Tlaquepaque… the heart and soul of Sedona. Don’t miss the 2014 Sedona Wedding Boot Camp and Bridal Show and book Tlaquepaque while you are there.  Click here for more information on the event and we hope to see you there this Saturday to connect, plan, and design your special day!
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A Match Made in Heaven! Saturday, Oct 26 2013 

Just contact Wendy U at Agave of Sedona to book your Tlaquepaque Chapel wedding with Agave of Sedona reception!  agaveofsedona@gmail.com or (928) 282-9748

Agave Package


Discover Tlaquepaque Fall Edition Thursday, Oct 24 2013 

Hot off the press!  We wanted to share with all our future and past wedding couples our fifth publication of our quarterly magazine “Discover Tlaquepaque”.  Our magazine focuses on the wonders and delights of Tlaquepaque…including weddings and receptions hosted at Tlaquepaque’s various venues!  We also feature various articles on our merchants and restaurants along with upcoming Tlaquepaque event information.  You can view the full magazine online by clicking here!  Be sure to visit page 24 for the “Just Married” section! This magazine is also in print and is published quarterly!   Thanks in advance for reading and being a part of our publication!!!


Kristen + Obed Thursday, Oct 10 2013 

Congratulations to Kristen and Obed!!  This wonderful couple were amazing to work with and we couldn’t be happier for them!  They had an intimate wedding at our Chapel officiated by Reverend Andrew Murphy of Heart of Sedona Weddings followed by a gorgeous reception in our Calle Independencia and a cocktail hour in Patio De Las Campanas with catering by Rosalie’s of Sedona.  Ritmo Latino provided a night of amazing music for the reception.  The beautiful cake pictured below was designed by Sedona Cake Couture and all the amazing floral was made special for their wedding day by Events by Show Stoppers!  Congratulations again and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

734123_537188079702704_817046955_n 1376633_537189009702611_1593906328_n 1376988_537188833035962_1078693201_n 1377296_537189913035854_2050029775_n

Sedona Wedding Boot Camp and Bridal Show! Friday, Sep 27 2013 

REGISTRATION IS OPEN and bride’s are already signing up! Come join us at the 2014 Sedona Wedding Boot Camp and Bridal Show on January 18th. Sedona’s most stylish wedding planning event is FREE if your pre-register. Don’t miss Sedona’s most popular and well-attended wedding show of the year.  Click HERE for more information and to register!  Tlaquepaque will be there and we hope to see you too!!  Produced by The Sedona Wedding Studio.




Renee & Andrew’s Tlaquepaque Wedding in Sedona Wednesday, Aug 28 2013 

Another storybook wedding at the gorgeous Tlaquepaque Village in Sedona, AZ… Renee designed her ideal wedding with the help of Adam Lovejoy, the Event Coordinator at the most picturesque wedding venue in Sedona. Her ceremony took place in the lovely Patio de las Campanas, then the party moved to the Calle Independencia Courtyard for the reception. The cake from Donna Joy at Sedona Sweet Arts was one of the highlights of the evening… and the sparkler send off will be a memory Renee and Andrew will cherish forever. Officiated by Bob Sizelove of Sedona Weddings. Video by Leslie McCandless of Sedona Wedding Video in Sedona, AZ.”

Thanks Leslie for sharing this video with us and congratulations to Renee & Andrew!

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